Paul Horn (1930-2014)

A brief diversion away from books this time, just to note the passing of master musician Paul Horn. In tho past week The Guardian published  an informative obituary.

Paul Horn began his career as a jazz musician, but it was his desire to record beneath the dome of the Taj Mahal while in India in 1968, and the subsequent album Inside, that saw him forge a new path and come to be considered (for what the phrase is worth) as the ‘godfather of New Age music’.

I’m no expert on New Ageism and neither can I really describe what New Age music is. I listened to Inside first because I read an interview with Jimmy Page in which he cited it as one of his favourite records and one that had influenced him.

Lucky I read that, because on Page’s recommendation I listened to Inside and fell in love with the music, its sound and the whole idea of the record.  It’s the sound of someone in love with sound, and who is experimenting with sound for the sake of it because it not only sounds good to him but because it’s one of the most natural things for human beings to do. It’s as full of life as the sound of children making noises underneath the arch of a bridge or inside a tunnel. They do it because they love it and it sounds funny, exciting, different, and fascinating.

Here’s a track from Inside that hopefully illustrates what I’m trying to say.




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